Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Happy July 15 :))

Today is my birthday (again) :D I just felt so yesterday I was being 20 years old, but this night I'm 21 years old.What old I am :( But I'm really happy and Firstly I  will thank God for everythings I could reached and thank for everything I will reach. Start from what I can do at campus incuded my academic, my ability, my position and all. I also thank God who has given blessing everytime everywhere, who has given many people who loved me in my surroundings and I never feel alone :)) God you know that I always try to be good creater for you :) and now I do apologize for all my mistakes, for all my negligence, for all my pride. I'm just an ordinary human who still fight be better and be the best :)

Thank you for my parents for your never ending prayers and hope who made me stronger time to time, thank for never ending love and support. If someone asked me Who is my superstar, I will say "My parents is my trully big superstar!!!" directly and no doubt of it :) I'm proud to have you as my parents with all your pure condition, I love you so much much much much more than everything in the world :) I just have one goal for all what I have done and what will I do, it is make you PROUD of me and give the best for you. Everything I have got and I will get is my Prize for you with all my deep heart :*

Thank you for my borther and sister (Saefudin Ahmad and  Trivida Widia) for your understanding, for everything you have given to me. I really love you too :* The second goal and the second reason everything I do is you :) I hope I can be better oldest sister for you. I will give everything that I have to make you happy and proud to have me :)

Thank you so much for my babby duck for your surprise, for everything :)) Thank for your understanding,  for your fighting and for your patience. I really appreciate everything you have done babby. What lucky I am t have you in my side ! I love you so much. I can feel how big your love for me and you know, it is first time I feel like that. Thank you and  I will always do the best for you babby :* Alll of you have done was so surprised for me, I was speechless.

Thank you so much also for Bima and Robin who have flushed me :)) Thank you so much for Badriah who has made me so surprised, suddenly entered my room and closed my eyes :))

Thank you for Ten Sisters who have accompanied me everytime I need. Savina Amalia Olga Melati, Cut Sri Rachmawati, Dini Emliani, Dewi Anggraeni, Yemi Meriyanti Sari, Muthia Adina, Ninda Devita, Nurhayati, Rakhmatia Fadhila Istnaeni .... I love you all dudes :*

Thank you for my bestiest Devi Yunia Ulfah, I miss you, I love you and I really want to meet you :) Pebri Susanti (my little sister) where are you honey ?? I lose you :( Venny Azhar, I can't wait to meet and be your home partner bebep :*

Thank for all my friend I can't call one by one. I'm really happy to have you all in my life. I hope God always bless us and give all our needs. Amiiiin :)

I hope in this point I can be better better and better in many ways, I have passed 20. 20 is a basic step that might be serious for me, 20 is the golden way to be an adult. I have passed it and now I have 21 on my head. Oh God ! It is difficult to understand how the age flows. It is slower than a water, softer than a softest thing. I can feel whether I have being an adult or not. It is different when you eat a sugar or lollipop or a chocolate. It is very different among. But you know that I really enjoy my way. I really enjoy my process to pass my age step by step. I really enjoy to get my maturity part by part :)

I hope God will give me an opportunity to try to be the best and make my parents proud of me, so do my family :) I hope God will give an opportunity to my parents and all my lovely poeple to see my success and I will make all be Happy, I'm promise. I will do everything, everything that I can :) I hope everything I need can be obvious. I hope all that all my dreams can be real . I'll try and I will never stop to try and pray for all I want :)

Hwaaaa I've twice surprised :DD Thank you thank you :*

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