Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

My Little Step

Start from now I will write everything in English as an International Language. I do to make one step movement for my desire, for my future. Even this is just a little movement, but it's big deal for me to accept this resposibility. Thank you so much to my friend, who has opened my mind to rearrage my little step to reach my big goal. I have read His Blog too, and it was so wonderful,  all of His post written in English, I really surprised that he had one step in front of me.

I hope, you can catch up what will you catch and so do I. Nothing for hopeless and anything just for try and pray. I believe that nothing imposible in the world, everything can change, so everything can happen. What we can thought is what we can do, not just be a dreamer but we must make a foot our selves. Nothing to be late, it's better than never :D

Today is just three days before my birthday :) Hmm it's amazing for me. God still give me a chance to do more for everyone in my surrounding. God still give me a chance to make my parents and also my family proud of me. I will do the best. Because no reason for me to stop, my papa always say that to me. I have big resposibility as the first daughter, I must being the best model for my sister and my brother, I must being the best doctor to handle my sister's academic, I must being the best one to handle my family's economic, yea I must. I will do everything as can as possible :)

Today, I also knew that I really loved my babby duck, I have hurted his full arms and his body with my hands, because I was still foolish :( I was really sad to do that. You must know, I still try being an adult, please wait for a time when I will act as a woman not a girl with my pure love for you :) I love you with all my heart my babby :* 

This night I spend my time to search for scholarship in abroad. It's difficult to find, because half of them had a limit time and has expired :( But I will not stop, I will always try :) I believe, I have a chance if I wanted, I can if I really did :)

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