Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

What I Miss

Yesterday, I helped Oya to look for a gift for her boyfriend's brithday. I have imagined, it would spent so many times. Because exactly Oya is what I thought of her. She was really easy to be anxious. She never thought to give a gift so, we looked like sightless people in the middle of full brightness. Something easy was transformed be difficult. We didn't know what for we searched. I just accompanied with damn hurted foot. Errrr -.- We have visited four places and we got nothing. Until we arrived at the last place where I remembered something, GALERIA. I took a parking in the same area, but I was here with different person. Last but not least, after we have spent our time just to move, we bought a glass of Liverpool #eeaaa. Yea It was great and I was really pleased of course, It mean our searched was over and we could back to our nature without damn heels :(

Happy Bday Oya's boyfriend hope everything the best for you and hope you will be happy to receive that gift.
HAPPY BDAY :)) Hey boy, Did you know that Oya really love you. She did't want 'cut down trees' with you, so she bought a glass not a clothes. Even that clothes was really cool, you know?? hahah. Maybe you should made oya believe that your relation couldn't be over just cause a clothes, and you will get that cool clothes boy :p

Yesterday was being my best day. You know why ? Becaue at least I can held my Proposal Colloquium, after a year I waited it. Is it cool? My Doctor asked me to held it at July 21. Hmm, I'm so Happy and I can't wait for that time :) But it also gave me a shock attack, because I have other event at the same time in Malang (19-25). It will be my difficult choice but I must decide. I will consult first to all my relation there (Malang) which the best way I can elect. I believe everything gonna be okey :)

In the other side, Today is the best day for my babby duck. Because at 12 o'clock he will stand in front of  a blessing room and speech to present his KTI :) Hope you can give the best to get the best result babby. I believe you able in it :* 

What I miss?? A big quastion this morning, so I make it be a title. I don't know what I miss but I really lost some part of my heart. Maybe it is a side effect of my anxiety to face tommorow, July 15, a day when twenty one years ago borned a cuty baby who named ASTRI SULASTRI PRASASTI :) I hope tommorow will be my best of the best day  :)

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