Minggu, 17 April 2011

Love is ...

Love is just a word but it's so difficult to describe just in one sentence ...
Because love have a lot of meanings according to our mind, from where side we will see it :)
For me,
Love is not just you, it's too narrow if i said that love is you
Love is not just give, but both of give and take
Love is not just believe, but both of believe and to be believed
Love is not just how we can understand about the explain, but how we can understand without word
Love is not just how we receive, but both of receive and change better

Love is a beautiful feeling that God has given to human,
Love is smile not a tear, love is happiness not a sadness, love is laugh not a cry
That's all perfect,
But human always give two sides for love, because human is not perfect, so ...
if we love someone we have to prepare to get a tear and sadness
if we love someone we have to prepare to cry along of the night
if we love someone we are not just be brave to say, but we should has been ready to face everything
if we love someone we should has been ready to struggle for our love

Love always have two sides, if you give more, you get more :D
and I,
I will give my love just for the best person,
I believe God has prepared one for me, so do you
The most important is don't be scare to loss someone however you love him so much,
because if one person leave you, believe that he is not the best and he is not a precise...
The precise and the best one will always wait without your suggest
He always give the best, always care of your feeling first before him self
He always give what you need before you ask ...
He always ready to do what you want he do :)

Last but not least, the precise and the best one is someone who never hurt you !
Because he will try to make everything being perfect for you, include his love  ....
He will give you a perfect love without tear, sadness and tenderness :)

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